Diabetes and Law Enforcement A Risk Factor when it comes to Life Insurance for Law Enforcement

Diabetes and Law Enforcement

Diabetes – A Risk Factor when it comes to Life Insurance for Law Enforcement

Diabetes and Law Enforcement

High cholesterol is another very common health concern amongst law enforcement officers. It should not be too big of a surprise with today’s society and love for processed foods.

When it comes to law enforcement officers and what they have access to meals, options become limited. Frequent gas station stops, and fast food options are often most convenient. Coffee on the go plus the fast food raises your chances of heart disease long term.

Below are other examples of foods associated with higher cholesterol numbers. According to Dr. Axe (food is medicine), these are your top contributors to high cholesterol.

  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Full fat cheese
  • Sausage, hot dogs, bacon and ribs
  • Fish
  • Grain and Desserts
  • Pasta and Pasta Dishes
  • Mexican Mixed Dishes
  • Cold cuts
  • Reduced fat milk
  • Pork

This is not to say these are the most consumed foods by law enforcement. It was to illustrate how a regular individual may fall into bad eating habits. These foods increase the likelihood of high cholesterol and heart disease. When you put all these factors together what do you get? The perfect storm.

Life Insurance for Law enforcement officers

Diabetes and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers should strive to pack lunches and eat healthily. Avoiding these health concerns prior to life insurance coverage is paramount. If you already know you are most likely at a higher risk for high cholesterol, you still have options. Affordable options. Most insurance carriers will want to see that the cholesterol is well controlled.

They will also want to see that it does not take a basket full of medications to do so. Many insurance carriers will want to see you take 3 or fewer medications to control the issue. Some will allow more. Your build will play another large part of what rates you are able to achieve your life insurance.

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